release | engleski leksikon

1. release


Sinonimi: outlet | waiver | discharge | tone ending

1. Activity that releases or expresses creative energy or emotion; SYN. outlet.
2. A process that liberates or discharges something
3. A formal written statement of relinquishment; SYN. waiver, discharge.
4. (Music) The act or manner of terminating a musical phrase or tone; SYN. tone ending.
5. Something issued for sale or public showing (especially a record or film)

release | engleski leksikon

2. release


1. A particular version of a piece of software, most commonly associated with the most recent version (as in “the latest release”). Some companies use the term release as an integral part of the product name (as in Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.2 ).
2. A version of a product that is available in general distribution. Compare alpha1, beta1.

release | engleski leksikon

3. release


Sinonimi: relinquish | free | give up

ETYM Pref. re + lease to let.
To part with; SYN. relinquish, free, give up.

release | engleski leksikon

4. release


1. To relinquish control of a block of memory, a device, or another system resource to the operating system.
2. To formally make a product available to the marketplace.

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