reeve | engleski leksikon

1. reeve


ETYM Old Eng. reve, as. gerefa. Related to Sheriff.
Female ruff.
Chief magistrate; bailiff; Canadian, rural council's president; Ornithology, female ruff (bird).
In Anglo-Saxon England, an official charged with the administration of a shire or burgh, fulfilling functions similar to those of the later sheriff. After the Norman Conquest, the term tended to be restricted to the person elected by the villeins to oversee the work of the manor and to communicate with the manorial lord.

reeve | engleski leksikon

2. reeve


1. To fasten by passing through a hole or around something.
2. To pass a rope through, as of a an opening.
3. To pass through a hole or opening, as of a rope.
4. To pass a rope through a ring

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