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1. ram


ETYM as. ramm, ram; akin to Old High Germ. and Dutch ram, Prov. German ramm, and perh. to Icel. ramr strong.
A tool for driving or forcing something by impact.
Any of various guided pieces for exerting pressure or for driving or forcing something by impact: as the plunger of a hydrostatic press or force pump; the weight that strikes the blow in a pile driver.

ram | engleski leksikon

2. ram


Sinonimi: tup

Uncastrated adult male sheep:; SYN. tup.

ram | engleski leksikon

3. ram


1. Battering ram
2. A warship with a heavy beak at the prow for piercing an enemy ship

RAM | engleski leksikon

4. RAM


Random Access Memory; a kind of high speed volatile memory used in computers.
(acronym for random-access memory) In computing, a memory device in the form of a collection of integrated circuits (chips), frequently used in microcomputers. Unlike ROM (read-only memory) chips, RAM chips can be both read from and written to by the computer, but their contents are lost when the power is switched off. Microcomputers of the 1990s may have 16–32 megabytes of RAM.
Acronym for random access memory. Semiconductor-based memory that can be read and written by the central processing unit (CPU) or other hardware devices. The storage locations can be accessed in any order. Note that the various types of ROM memory are capable of random access but cannot be written to. The term RAM, however, is generally understood to refer to volatile memory that can be written to as well as read. Compare core, EPROM, flash memory, PROM, ROM (definition 2).

ram | engleski leksikon

5. ram


Sinonimi: ram down | pound

1. To force in by or as if by driving
2. To make compact (as by pounding); cram, crowd
3. To force passage or acceptance of
4. To strike against violently
5. To strike or drive against with a heavy impact; SYN. ram down, pound.

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