procedure | engleski leksikon

1. procedure


Sinonimi: process

ETYM French procédure. Related to Proceed.
In computing, a small part of a computer program, which performs a specific task, such as clearing the screen or sorting a file. In some programming languages there is an overlap between procedures, functions, and subroutines. Careful use of procedures is an element of structured programming. A procedural language, such as BASIC, is one in which the programmer describes a task in terms of how it is to be done, as opposed to a declarative language, such as PROLOG, in which it is described in terms of the required result. See programming.
1. A mode of conducting legal and parliamentary proceedings.
2. A particular course of action intended to achieve a results; SYN. process.

procedure | engleski leksikon

2. procedure


In a program, a named sequence of statements, often with associated constants, data types, and variables, that usually performs a single task. A procedure can usually be called (executed) by other procedures, as well as by the main body of the program. Some languages distinguish between a procedure and a function, with the latter (the function) returning a value. See also function, parameter, procedural language, routine, subroutine.

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