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1. power


1. Operated mechanically or electrically rather than manually
2. Of, relating to, or utilizing strength ; also; powerful
3. Of, relating to, or being a meal at which influential people discuss business or politics

power | engleski leksikon

2. power


Sinonimi: powerfulness | potency | force

ETYM Old Eng. pouer, poer, Old Fren. poeir, pooir, French pouvoir, n and v , from Late Lat. potere, for Latin posse, potesse, to be able, to have power. Related to Possible, Potent, Posse comitatus.
1. Possession of controlling influence; SYN. powerfulness, potency.
2. One possessing or exercising power or influence or authority; SYN. force.
3. (Physics) The rate of doing work; measured in watts (joules/second).

power | engleski leksikon

3. power


1. In mathematics, the number of times a value is multiplied by itself—for example, 10 to the third power means 10 times 10 times 10.
2. In computing, the electricity used to run a computer.
3. The speed at which a computer performs and the availability of various features. See also computer power.
In mathematics, that which is represented by an exponent or index, denoted by a superior small numeral. A number or symbol raised to the power of 2—that is, multiplied by itself—is said to be squared (for example, 32, x2), and when raised to the power of 3, it is said to be cubed (for example, 23, y3).

power | engleski leksikon

4. power


In physics, the rate of doing work or consuming energy. It is measured in watts (joules per second) or other units of work per unit time.

power | engleski leksikon

5. power


In optics, a measure of the amount by which a lens will deviate light rays. A powerful converging lens will converge parallel rays steeply, bringing them to a focus at a short distance from the lens. The unit of power is the diopter, which is equal to the reciprocal of focal length in meters. By convention, the power of a converging (or convex) lens is positive and that of a diverging (or concave) lens negative.

power | engleski leksikon

6. power


1. To supply the force or power for the functioning of
2. To give impetus to
3. To move about by means of motive power
4. To move with great speed or force

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