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1. position


Sinonimi: spatial relation | posture | attitude | view | perspective | posture | post | berth | slot | office | spot | place | situation

ETYM French position, Latin positio, from ponere, positum, to put, place.
2. The spatial property of a place where or way in which something is situated; SYN. spatial relation.
3. The appropriate or customary location.
4. Position or arrangement of the body and its limbs; SYN. posture, attitude.
5. A way of regarding situations or topics etc.; SYN. view, perspective.
6. A rationalized mental attitude; SYN. posture.
7. A job in an organization or hierarchy; SYN. post, berth, slot, office, spot, place, situation.
8. (In team sports) The role assigned to an individual player.

position | engleski leksikon

2. position


Sinonimi: place

In music, on a stringed instrument, one of a few specific areas on the fingerboard where the left hand is placed in order for the player to find a set of notes. On the trombone, “position” refers to the placement of the slide for playing different notes.
In violin positions, first position is furthest away, nearest to the scroll end of the fingerboard. Second and third position are closer in, nearer to the body of the instrument.
In harmony in music, the spacing of a chord. For example, “root position” indicates that the root of the chord is in the bass; “open-position harmony” indicates a chord in which the notes are spread out, as opposed to “closed-position harmony”, in which every note of the harmony is filled within an octave.1. The particular portion of space occupied by a physical object:; SYN. place.

position | engleski leksikon

3. position


ETYM See Position (n.).
To cause to be in an appropriate place, state, or relation.

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