plotter | engleski leksikon

1. plotter


Sinonimi: mapper

One that plots: as a person who schemes or conspires; a contriver of a literary plot; a device for plotting; specifically; an instrument that graphs computer output
A clerk who marks data on a chart; SYN. mapper.

plotter | engleski leksikon

2. plotter


Any device used to draw charts, diagrams, and other line-based graphics. Plotters use either pens or electrostatic charges and toner. Pen plotters draw on paper or transparencies with one or more colored pens. Electrostatic plotters “draw” a pattern of electrostatically charged dots on the paper and then apply toner and fuse it in place. Plotters use three basic types of paper handling: flatbed, drum, and pinch roller. Flatbed plotters hold the paper still and move the pen along both x and y axes. Drum plotters roll the paper over a cylinder. The pen moves along one axis while the drum, with the paper attached, moves along the other. Pinch-roller plotters are a hybrid of the two, in which the pen moves only along one axis while the paper is moved back and forth by small rollers.
Or graph plotter; Device that draws pictures or diagrams under computer control.
Plotters are often used for producing business charts, architectural plans, and engineering drawings. Flatbed plotters move a pen up and down across a flat drawing surface, whereas roller plotters roll the drawing paper past the pen as it moves from side to side.

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