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1. Palmer

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(1805-1881) English landscape painter and etcher. He lived in Shoreham, Kent, 1826–35 with a group of artists who were all followers of William Blake and referred to themselves as “the Ancients”. Palmer’s expressive landscapes have a visionary quality.

Palmer | engleski leksikon

2. Palmer

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(1942-) New Zealand Labour politician, deputy prime minister and attorney-general 1984–89, prime minister 1989–90.
A graduate of Victoria University, Wellington, Palmer was a law lecturer in the US and New Zealand before entering politics, becoming Labour member for Christchurch in the House of Representatives 1979. He succeeded David Lange on Lange's resignation as prime minister but resigned himself the following year.

Palmer | engleski leksikon

3. Palmer

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(Daniel) (1929-) us golfer who helped to popularize the professional sport in the us in the 1950s and 1960s. He won the Masters 1958, 1960, 1962, and 1964; the us Open 1960; and the British Open 1961 and 1962.
Born in Pennsylvania, he won the us amateur title 1954, and went on to win all the world major professional trophies except the us pga Championship. In the 1980s he enjoyed a successful career on the us Seniors Tour.
Career highlights
Us Open: 1960
British Open: 1961–62
Masters: 1958, 1960, 1962, 1964
World Match-Play: 1964, 1967
Us Ryder Cup: 1961, 196*

Palmer | engleski leksikon

4. Palmer

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A(lexander) (1872-1936) US public official. He held office in the US House of Representatives 1909–15. A Quaker, he declined an appointment as secretary of war under President Wilson, and served instead as custodian of alien property during World War I. As US attorney general 1919–21, he led the controversial “Palmer raids” against alleged political radicals during the Red Scare.
Born in Moosehead, Pennsylvania, Palmer was educated at Swarthmore College and was admitted to the bar 1893. After establishing a private legal practice in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, he became active in state Democratic politics.

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5. palmer


One who palms or cheats, as at cards or dice.
A person wearing two crossed palm leaves as a sign of a pilgrimage made to the Holy Land

Palmer | engleski leksikon

6. Palmer


1. City in Alaska (USA).
2. City in Iowa (USA); zip code 50571.
3. City in Kansas (USA); zip code 66962.
4. Comunidad in Puerto Rico (USA).
5. Town in Tennessee (USA); zip code 37365.
6. Town in Texas (USA); zip code 75152.
7. Unincorporated community in Massachusetts (USA).
8. Village in Illinois (USA).
9. Village in Nebraska (USA); zip code 68864.

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