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muški rodlično ime

(1885-1962) British aircraft engineer, founder 1909 of one of the earliest aircraft-manufacturing companies and designer of long-range civil airplanes and multi-engined bombers in both world wars; for example, the Halifax, flown in World War II.

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muški rodlično ime

(Christmas Grafton) (1880-1961) Australian politician, leader of the Country Party 1920–39 and briefly prime minister in April 1939. He represented Australia in the British war cabinet 1941–42 and was minister of health 1949–55.

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Sinonimi: varlet | pageboy

1. Especially one side of a leaf of paper.
2. In medieval times a youth acting as a knight's attendant as the first stage in training for knighthood; SYN. varlet.
3. A youthful attendant at official functions or ceremonies such as legislative functions and weddings.
4. A boy who is employed to run errands; SYN. pageboy.

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1. City in Arizona (USA).
2. City in North Dakota (USA); zip code 58064.
3. Village in Nebraska (USA); zip code 68766.

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1. In word processing, the text and display elements to be printed on one side of a sheet of paper, subject to formatting specifications such as depth, margin size, and number of columns.
2. A fixed-size block of memory. When used in the context of a paging memory system, a page is a block of memory whose physical address can be changed via mapping hardware. See also EMS, memory management unit, virtual memory.
3. In computer graphics, a portion of display memory that contains one complete full-screen image; the internal representation of a screenful of information.
4. See Web page.

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1. To call out somebody's name over a p.a. system.
2. To work as a page

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