overrun | engleski leksikon

1. overrun


1. An act or instance of overrunning; especially; an exceeding of the costs estimated in a contract for development and manufacture of new equipment
2. The amount by which something overruns
3. A run in excess of the quantity ordered by a customer

overrun | engleski leksikon

2. overrun


In information transfer, an error that occurs when a device receiving data cannot handle or make use of the information as rapidly as it arrives. See also input/output-bound.

overrun | engleski leksikon

3. overrun


1. To run over; to grow or spread over in excess; to invade and occupy; to take possession of
2. To exceed in distance or speed of running; to go beyond or pass in running.
3. To go beyond; to extend in part beyond
4. To carry over, or back, as type, from one line or page into the next after, or next before.

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