octet | engleski leksikon

1. octet


Sinonimi: octette | octette

1. A musical composition written for eight performers; SYN. octette.
2. Eight performers or singers who perform together; SYN. octette.
An ensemble of any eight instruments, or the music written for such a group. The most common combination of instruments is the string octet for four violins, two violas, and two cellos, as in Mendelssohn's String Octet in E Flat 1830. Stravinsky wrote an octet 1923 for a wind ensemble. A mixture of strings and winds is also possible, as in Schubert's Octet in F 1824, scored for two violins, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, bassoon, and horn.

octet | engleski leksikon

2. octet


Sinonimi: octette | octette | eightsome

ETYM From Latin octo eight, like Eng. duet, fromL. duo. Related to Octave.
1. A set of eight similar things considered as a unit; SYN. octette.
2. Eight people considered as a unit; SYN. octette, eightsome.

octet | engleski leksikon

3. octet


A unit of data that consists of exactly 8 bits, regardless of the number of bits a computer uses to represent a small amount of information such as a character. Compare byte.

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