modeling | engleski leksikon

1. modeling


modeling | engleski leksikon

2. modeling


Sinonimi: molding | moulding

ETYM Written also modelling.
A preliminary sculpture in wax or clay from which a finished work can be copied; SYN. molding, moulding.

modeling | engleski leksikon

3. modeling


1. The use of computers to describe the behavior of a system. Spreadsheet programs, for example, can be used to manipulate financial data representing the health and activity of a company, to develop business plans and projections, or to evaluate the impact of proposed changes on the company’s operations and financial status. See also simulation, spreadsheet program.
2. The use of computers to describe physical objects and the spatial relationships among them mathematically. CAD programs, for example, are used to create on-screen representations of such physical objects as tools, office buildings, complex molecules, and automobiles. These models use equations to create lines, curves, and other shapes and to place those shapes accurately in relation to each other and to the two-dimensional or three-dimensional space in which they are drawn. See also CAD, rendering, solid model, surface modeling, three-dimensional model, two-dimensional model, wire-frame model.

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