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1. mint


As if new.

mint | engleski leksikon

2. mint


Sinonimi: mint candy

1. The governmental establishment where money is printed or struck.
2. A candy that is flavored with a mint oil; SYN. mint candy.
3. Any north temperate plant of the genus Mentha with aromatic leaves and small mauve flowers.
4. The leaves of a mint plant used fresh or candied.

mint | engleski leksikon

3. mint


In economics, a place where coins are stamped from metal under government authority.
In the US the official mint is the Bureau of the Mint, a division of the Treasury Department. The official Mint of the United States was established by the Coining Act 1792 in Philadelphia. The US Mint has general supervision of the four current coinage mints—in Denver, West Point, San Francisco, and Philadelphia—all of which are assay offices and bullion depositories. It directs the coinage of money, the manufacture of medals, and the custody of bullion.

mint | engleski leksikon

4. mint


In botany, any aromatic plant, genus Mentha, of the family Labiatae, widely distributed in temperate regions. The plants have square stems, creeping rootstocks, and flowers, usually pink or purplish, that grow in a terminal spike. Mints include garden mint M. spicata and peppermint M. piperita.

mint | engleski leksikon

5. mint


Sinonimi: coin | strike

To create coins or paper money; SYN. coin, strike.

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