midi | engleski leksikon

1. midi


(Of women's clothing; often used in combination) With hemline at mid-calf

midi | engleski leksikon

2. midi


A dress, skirt, or coat that usually extends to the mid-calf

Midi | engleski leksikon

3. Midi


(French) the South (of France).The south of France.

MIDI | engleski leksikon



Acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A serial interface standard that allows for the connection of music synthesizers, musical instruments, and computers. The MIDI standard is based partly on hardware and partly on a description of the way in which music and sound are encoded and communicated between MIDI devices. The information transmitted between MIDI devices is in a form called a MIDI message, which encodes aspects of sound such as pitch and volume as 8-bit bytes of digital information. MIDI devices can be used for creating, recording, and playing back music. Using MIDI, computers, synthesizers, and sequencers can communicate with each other, either keeping time or actually controlling the music created by other connected equipment. See also synthesizer.
(acronym for musical instrument digital interface) Manufacturer's standard allowing different pieces of digital music equipment used in composing and recording to be freely connected.
The information-sending device (any electronic instrument) is called a controller, and the reading device (such as a computer) the sequencer. Pitch, dynamics, decay rate, and stereo position can all be transmitted via the interface. A computer with a MIDI interface can input and store the sounds produced by the connected instruments, and can then manipulate these sounds in many different ways. For example, a single keystroke may change the key of an entire composition. Even a full written score for the composition may be automatically produced.

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