masters | engleski leksikon

1. masters


Competing in, relating to, or being a competition for athletes over a specified age (as 40)

masters | engleski leksikon

2. masters


Masters | engleski leksikon

3. Masters

muški rodlično ime

(1914-1983) British novelist. Born in Calcutta, he served in the Indian army 1934–47. He wrote a series of books dealing with the Savage family throughout the period of the Raj—for example, Nightrunners of Bengal 1951, The Deceivers 1952, and Bhowani Junction 1954.

Masters | engleski leksikon

4. Masters

muški rodlično ime

(1869-1950) US poet. In Spoon River Anthology 1915, a collection of free-verse epitaphs, the people of a small town tell of their frustrated lives.
He published numerous other volumes of verse, novels, and biographies.

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