market | engleski leksikon

1. market


Sinonimi: securities industry | marketplace

ETYM Akin to Dutch markt, Old High Germ. markât, merkât, German markt.
1. The customers for a particular product or service.
2. The securities markets in the aggregate; SYN. securities industry.
3. The world of commercial activity where goods and services are bought and sold; SYN. marketplace.
Any situation where buyers and sellers are in contact with each other. This could be a street market or it could be a world market where buyers and sellers communicate via letters, faxes, telephones, and representatives.
In a perfect or free market, there are many buyers and sellers, so that no single buyer or seller is able to influence the price of the product; there is therefore perfect competition in the market. In an imperfect market either a few buyers or sellers (or even just one) dominates the market.

market | engleski leksikon

2. market


1. To deal in a market.
2. To have or produce for sale.

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