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1. Lodge

muški rodlično ime

(c. 1558-1625) English author. His romance Rosalynde 1590 was the basis of Shakespeare’s play As You Like It.

Lodge | engleski leksikon

2. Lodge

muški rodlično ime

II (1902-1985) US diplomat. He was Eisenhower's presidential campaign manager and the US representative at the United Nations 1953–60. Ambassador to South Vietnam 1963–64 and 1965–67, he replaced W A Harriman as President Nixon's negotiator in the Vietnam peace talks 1969. He was a grandson of Henry Cabot Lodge.
Born in Nahant, Massachusetts, Lodge served in the US Senate 1937–44, 1947–53.(1850-1924) US politician, Republican senator from 1893, and chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after World War I. He supported conservative economic legislation at home but expansionist policies abroad. Nevertheless, he influenced the US to stay out of the League of Nations 1920 as a threat to US sovereignty.
As an advocate of American pursuit of empire, he joined President T Roosevelt in calling for war against Spain 1898. He insisted on modifications to the Treaty of Versailles with its provisions for the League of Nations. President Wilson refused to accede, and the Senate was deadlocked, finally refusing to ratify the treaty.

Lodge | engleski leksikon

3. Lodge


Town in South Carolina (USA); zip code 29082.

lodge | engleski leksikon

4. lodge


Sinonimi: hunting lodge | indian lodge

ETYM Old Eng. loge, logge, French loge, Late Lat. laubia porch, gallery, from Old High Germ. louba, German laube, arbor, bower, from lab foliage. Related to Leaf, Lobby, Loggia.
1. A small (rustic) house used as a temporary shelter; SYN. hunting lodge.
2. Any of various native American dwellings; SYN. indian lodge.

lodge | engleski leksikon

5. lodge


Sinonimi: wedge | stick | deposit | accommodate

ETYM Old Eng. loggen, Old Fren. logier, French loger. Related to Lodge.
1. To be a lodger; stay temporarily.
2. To fix, force, or implant; SYN. wedge, stick, deposit.
3. To house temporarily, as a guest; SYN. accommodate.

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