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1. locus

muški rodmatematika

In mathematics, traditionally the path traced out by a moving point, but now defined as the set of all points on a curve satisfying given conditions. For example, the locus of a point that moves so that it is always at the same distance from another fixed point is a circle; the locus of a point that is always at the same distance from two fixed points is a straight line that perpendicularly bisects the line joining them.
Mathematics, path of moving point or curve.

locus | engleski leksikon

2. locus


Place; point; locus citatus, see loco citato. locus classicus, authoritative and often-cited passage on a subject. locus standi, (Latin), “place of standing”; legal status; right to be heard in law-court.
(biology) Point on a chromosome where a particular gene occurs.

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