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1. live


1. Of or relating to real-world data or a program working with it, as opposed to test data.
2. Of or relating to audio or video that is transmitted from one site to another as it is being produced, as opposed to being recorded before broadcast time. See also synchronous transmission.
3. Capable of being manipulated by a user to cause changes in a document or part of a document.

live | engleski leksikon

2. live


Sinonimi: living | unrecorded

ETYM Abbreviated from alive. Related to Alive, Life.
1. Having life; SYN. living.
2. Showing characteristics of life; exerting force or containing energy.
3. Of current relevance.
4. Actually being performed (or--for the audience--present) at the time of viewing; SYN. unrecorded.
5. Charged with an explosive.
6. (Printing) In current use or ready for use.
7. (Informal) Abounding with life and energy.
Highly reverberant.

live | engleski leksikon

3. live


Not recorded

live | engleski leksikon

4. live


Used to identify a Web site that has been published to a Web server and can be browsed by site visitors. Also called: going live.

live | engleski leksikon

5. live


To lead a certain kind of life; live in a certain style.

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