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1. link


Sinonimi: linkup | tie | tie-in | data link | nexus

1. A fastener that serves to join or link; SYN. linkup, tie, tie-in.
2. A unit of length equal to 1/100 of a chain.
3. An interconnecting circuit between two or more locations for the purpose of transmitting and receiving data; SYN. data link.
4. The means of connection between things linked in series; SYN. nexus.
5. (Computers) A connection between two items (two texts, a text and an image, etc.), usually activated by the click of a mouse.

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2. link


See hyperlink.

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3. link


1. To produce an executable program from compiled modules (programs, routines, or libraries) by merging the object code (assembly language object code, executable machine code, or a variation of machine code) of the program and resolving interconnecting references (such as a library routine called by a program). See also linker.
2. To connect two elements in a data structure by using index variables or pointer variables. See also index (definition 1), pointer (definition 1).

link | engleski leksikon

4. link


1. To connect.
2. To bind together.
3. To associate
4. (Computers) To connect two items, usually by means of a hyperlink.

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