lift | engleski leksikon

1. lift


Sinonimi: rise | raise | heave | elevation

ETYM as. lyft air. Related to Loft.
(us elevator) Device for lifting passengers and goods vertically between the floors of a building. us inventor Elisha Graves Otis developed the first passenger lift, installed in 1857. The invention of the lift allowed the development of the skyscraper from the 1880s.
A lift usually consists of a platform or boxlike structure suspended by motor-driven cables with safety ratchets along the sides of the shaft. At first steam powered the movement, but hydraulic and then electric lifts were common from the early 1900s. Lift operators worked controls and gates until lifts became automatic.
1. A ride in a car.
2. A wave that lifts the surface of the water or ground; SYN. rise.
3. The act of giving temporary assistance.
4. The act of raising something; SYN. raise, heave, elevation.
5. (British) An elevator.

lift | engleski leksikon

2. lift


Sinonimi: raise | raise | elevate | raise

1. To rise upward, as from pressure or moisture
2. To move upwards; SYN. raise.
3. To take off or away by decreasing
4. To take out of the ground, of root crops
5. To take hold of something and move it to a different location
6. To raise in rank or condition:; SYN. raise, elevate.
7. To put an end to, as of a siege or a blockade; SYN. raise.
8. To pay off; as of mortgages.
9. To make audible
10. To call to stop the hunt or to retire, as of hunting dogs.
11. To remove from a seedbed or form a nursery, as of bulbs.
12. To remove from a surface, of fingerprints.

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