leave | engleski leksikon

1. leave


ETYM Old Eng. leve, leave, as. leáf; akin to leóf pleasing, dear, Eng. lief, Dutch oorlof leave, German arlaub, and erlauben to permit, Icel. leyfi. Related to Lief.
1. Permission to do something.
2. The period of time during which one is absent from work or duty; SYN. leave of absence.

leave | engleski leksikon

2. leave


(Irregular preterit, past participle: left).
1. To be survived by after one's death; SYN. leave behind.
2. To cause to be in a specified state.
3. To go away from a place; SYN. go forth, go away.
4. To have left or have as a remainder.
5. To leave behind.
6. To leave home, school, a position, etc.; SYN. depart.
7. To leave unchanged or unaltered.
8. To let be; leave alone or undisturbed; SYN. let.
9. To make a possibility or provide opportunity for; SYN. allow for, allow, provide for.
10. To refrain from taking; SYN. leave behind.
11. To result in; SYN. result, lead.

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