land | engleski leksikon

1. land


Relating to or characteristic of or occurring on land

Land | engleski leksikon

2. Land

muški rodlično ime

(1909-1991) US inventor of the Polaroid Land camera 1947. The camera developed the film in one minute inside the camera and produced an “instant” photograph.
While a student at Harvard, Land became interested in polarized light and invented the sheet polarizer, which imbedded lined-up crystals in a clear plastic sheet. This tremendous advance had implications for camera filters, sunglasses and other optical equipment, and related products. Land set up a laboratory 1932, then established the Polaroid Corporation 1937–80. His research also led to a process for 3-D pictures, “instant” color film, “instant” motion pictures, and a new theory of color perception, the “retinex” theory 1977.

land | engleski leksikon

3. land


Sinonimi: dry land | earth | ground | solid ground | terra firma | ground | soil

ETYM as. land, lond; akin to Dutch, German, Icel., Swed., Dan., and Goth. land.
1. The land on which real estate is located.
2. The solid part of the earth's surface; SYN. dry land, earth, ground, solid ground, terra firma.
3. What plants grow in (especially with reference to its quality or use); SYN. ground, soil.
In economics, the factor of production which comprises not just land itself but all natural resources. Shoals of fish, natural forests, the atmosphere, and rivers are examples of land. The reward paid to owners of land is rent.
(plural Länder) Federal state of Germany or Austria.

land | engleski leksikon

4. land


Sinonimi: set ashore | shore | put down | bring down | set down

1. To arrive on shore; of ships; SYN. set ashore, shore.
2. To bring ashore
3. To cause to come to the ground; of aircraft; SYN. put down, bring down.
4. To deliver, as of a blow
5. To reach or come to rest; SYN. set down.

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