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1. just


ETYM French juste, Latin justus, from jus right, law, justice; orig., that which is fitting; akin to Skr. yu to join. Related to Injury, Judge, Jury, Giusto.
Used especially of what is legally or ethically right or proper or fitting.

just | engleski leksikon

2. just


Sinonimi: just now | simply

1. Only a moment ago; SYN. just now.
2. (Intensifier) Absolutely; SYN. simply.

Just | engleski leksikon

3. Just

muški rodlično ime

(1833-1941) US biologist whose research focused on cell physiology and experimental embryology, particularly fertilization and experimental parthenogenesis in marine eggs.
Just, a black, was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and educated at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire. He was professor of zoology at Howard University in Washinton, DC 1912–29, and spent his summers conducting research at the Marine Biological Laboratories at Woods Hole, Massachusetts. In 1929, frustrated with the limitations imposed on him by racists, Just went to Europe to conduct research in German laboratories and at French and Italian marine stations. With the German occupation of France, Just returned to his former post at Howard in 1940.
Just became the leading authority on the embryological resources of the marine group of animals. His focus of attention was the cell and in particular the ectoplasm, which, contrary to popular belief, he stated was just as important as the nucleus, and was primarily responsible for the individuality and development of the cell.
He was a coauthor of General Cytology 1924 and published Biology of the Cell Surface 1939.

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