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1. jury


Improvised for temporary use especially in an emergency; makeshift

jury | engleski leksikon

2. jury


Sinonimi: panel

ETYM Old Fren. jurée an assize, from jurer to swear, Latin jurare, jurari; akin to jus, juris, right, law. Related to Just, Jurat, Abjure.
1. A body of citizens sworn to give a true verdict according to the evidence presented in a court of law.
2. A committee appointed to judge a competition; SYN. panel.
Body of lay people (usually 12, sometimes 6) sworn to decide the facts of a case and reach a verdict in a court of law. Juries, used mainly in English-speaking countries, are implemented primarily in criminal cases, but also sometimes in civil cases. The members of the jury are carefully selected by both prosecution and defense attorneys.
The British jury derived from Germanic custom. It was introduced into England by the Normans. Originally it was a body of neighbors who gave their opinion on the basis of being familiar with the protagonists and background of a case. Eventually it developed into an impartial panel, giving a verdict based solely on evidence heard in court. The jury's duty is to decide the facts of a case: the judge directs them on matters of law. The basic principles of the British system have been adopted in the US, most Commonwealth countries, and some European countries (for example, France). Grand juries are still used in the US at both state and federal levels to decide whether there is a case.

jury | engleski leksikon

3. jury


To select material as appropriate for exhibition in (as an art show) — used chiefly as a participle

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