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1. junction


ETYM Latin junctio, from jungere, junctum, to join: cf. French jonction. Related to Join.
1. A act of adjoining things; SYN. adjunction.
2. Something that joins or connects; SYN. conjunction.
3. The place where two things come together.
4. The state of being joined; SYN. conjunction.
The point in a thermocouple where the two dissimilar metals are joined.

Junction | engleski leksikon

2. Junction


1. City in Texas (USA); zip code 76849.
2. Town in Utah (USA).
3. Village in Illinois (USA); zip code 62954.

junction | engleski leksikon

3. junction


1. Any point at which two or more electrical components are connected.
2. The contact between two types of semiconductors, such as N-type and P-type semiconductors. See also N-type semiconductor, P-type semiconductor, semiconductor.

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