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1. JET


(abbreviation for Joint European Torus) tokamak machine built in England to conduct experiments on nuclear fusion. It is the focus of the European effort to produce a practical fusion-power reactor. On 9 November 1991, the JET tokamak produced a 1.7 megawatt pulse of power in an experiment that lasted two seconds. This was the first time that a substantial amount of energy has been produced by nuclear power in a controlled experiment

jet | engleski leksikon

2. jet


Of the color jet

jet | engleski leksikon

3. jet


Sinonimi: jet plane | jet-propelled plane | squirt | spurt | spirt

1. A hard black form of lignite that takes a brilliant polish and is used in jewellery or ornamentation.
2. An airplane powered by one or more jet engines; SYN. jet plane, jet-propelled plane.
3. The occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid); SYN. squirt, spurt, spirt.
Hard, black variety of lignite, a type of coal. It is cut and polished for use in jewelry and ornaments. Articles made of jet have been found in Bronze Age tombs

Jet | engleski leksikon

4. Jet


Town in Oklahoma (USA); zip code 73749.

jet | engleski leksikon

5. jet


Sinonimi: gush

1. To fly a jet plane.
2. To issue in a jet; come out in a jet; stream or spring forth; SYN. gush.

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