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1. iconoclast


Sinonimi: image breaker

ETYM Greek eikon image + arassein to break: cf. French iconoclaste.
Someone who tries to destroy traditional ideas or institutions; SYN. image breaker.
Literally, a person who attacks religious images, originally in obedience to the injunction of the Second Commandment not to worship “graven images”. Under the influence of Islam and Judaism, an iconoclastic movement calling for the destruction of religious images developed in the Byzantine Empire, and was endorsed by the Emperor Leo III in 726. Fierce persecution of those who made and venerated icons followed, until iconoclasm was declared a heresy in the 9th century. The same name was applied to those opposing the use of images at the Reformation, when there was much destruction in churches. Figuratively, the term is used for a person who attacks established ideals or principles.

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