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Health Opportunity for People Everywhere

Hope | engleski leksikon

2. Hope

muški rodlično ime

7th Earl of Hopetoun, 1st Marquess Linlithgow (1860-1908)
British administrator in Australia, born in Scotland. He was governor of Victoria 1889–95 and first governor-general of Australia 1901–03.

Hope | engleski leksikon

3. Hope

muški rodlično ime

Pen name of Anthony Hope Hawkins (1863-1933)
English novelist. His romance The Prisoner of Zenda 1894, and its sequel Rupert of Hentzau 1898, introduced the imaginary Balkan state of Ruritania.

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4. Hope

muški rodlično ime

(1907-) Australian poet and critic noted for his skillfully crafted verse rich in biblical and literary allusions. His published collections include The Wandering Islands 1955, Collected Poems 1930–1965 1966, A Late Picking 1975, and Antechinus 1981. He has also published several collections of essays.

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5. hope


1. A specific instance of feeling hopeful.
2. Someone (or something) on which expectations are centered.
3. The general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled.

Hope | engleski leksikon

6. Hope


1. City in Arkansas (USA).
2. City in Idaho (USA); zip code 83836.
3. City in Kansas (USA); zip code 67451.
4. City in North Dakota (USA).
5. Town in Indiana (USA); zip code 47246.
6. Unincorporated community in Alaska (USA).
7. Village in New Mexico (USA); zip code 88250.

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7. Hope

imenicalično ime

Adopted name of Leslie Townes Hope (1903-) British-born US comedian, brought to the US in 1907. His earliest success was on Broadway and as a radio star in the 1930s. His film appearances include seven “Road” films made from 1940 with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour. These include The Road to Singapore 1940, The Road to Zanzibar 1941, The Road to Morocco 1942, The Road to Utopia 1946, The Road to Rio 1946, The Road to Bali 1952, and The Road to Hong Kong 1953. He made other films, such as Paleface 1948, a comic western.
He entertained the troops since World War II. He was a perennial star on radio and television (since 1950) in his own comedy series and specials. He has received several special Academy Awards.

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Stands for Hackers On Planet Earth, a popular series of conferences for black hat hackers.See: Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE)

hope | engleski leksikon

9. hope


Sinonimi: trust | desire | go for

1. To be optimistic; be full of hope; have hopes.
2. To expect with desire; SYN. trust, desire.
3. To intend with some possibility of fulfilment; SYN. go for.

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