holiday | engleski leksikon

1. holiday


Of or pertaining to a holiday; cheerful; joyous; gay.

Holiday | engleski leksikon

2. Holiday

ženski rodlično ime

Adopted name of Eleanora Gough McKay (1915-1959)
US jazz singer, also known as “Lady Day”. She made her debut in Harlem clubs and became known for her emotionally charged delivery and idiosyncratic phrasing; she brought a blues feel to performances with swing bands. Songs she made her own include ‘Stormy Weather’, ‘Strange Fruit’, and ‘I Cover the Waterfront’.

holiday | engleski leksikon

3. holiday


A day on which work is suspended by law or custom.
Period of allowed absence from work. The word derives from medieval holy days, which were saints’ days when no work was done.
Holidays have become significant events in the US and many Western countries, where major religious festivals and national days are celebrated by gathering with family and friends, feasting, and occasionally gift giving.

Holiday | engleski leksikon

4. Holiday


Unincorporated community in Florida (USA).

holiday | engleski leksikon

5. holiday


To take or spend a holiday especially in travel or at a resort.

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