Guise | engleski leksikon

1. Guise

muški rodlično ime

3rd Duke of Guise (1550-1588) French noble who persecuted the Huguenots and was partly responsible for the Massacre of St Bartholomew 1572. He was assassinated.

Guise | engleski leksikon

2. Guise

muški rodlično ime

2nd Duke of Guise (1519-1563) French soldier and politician. He led the French victory over Germany at Metz 1552 and captured Calais from the English 1558. Along with his brother Charles (1527–1574), he was powerful in the government of France during the reign of Francis II. He was assassinated attempting to crush the Huguenots.

guise | engleski leksikon

3. guise


Sinonimi: pretence | pretext

ETYM Old Eng. guise, gise, way, manner, French guise, from Old High Germ. wîsa, German weise. Related to Wise.
(Homonym: guys).
An artful or simulated semblance; SYN. pretence, pretext.

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