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1. Grove

muški rodlično ime

(1820-1900) English scholar. He edited the original Dictionary of Music and Musicians 1889, which in its expanded and revised form is still one of the standard music reference sources. He was also the first director of the Royal College of Music.

Grove | engleski leksikon

2. Grove

muški rodlično ime

(1879-1948) Canadian novelist and essayist. His experiences as an itinerant farm hand and schoolteacher on the prairies gave substance to his evocative sketches Over Prairie Trails 1922 and his realist tragedies Settlers of the Marsh 1925 and Fruits of the Earth 1933, exploring the emotional and spiritual costs of pioneer life, material success, and family conflict in rural Manitoba.
Born in Prussia, he wrote poems, plays, and novels in German and worked as a translator before debt drove him to Canada.

Grove | engleski leksikon

3. Grove

muški rodlično ime

(1915-) English conductor. Known both as a choral and symphonic conductor, he is an outstanding interpreter of British music, especially the works of Delius.

grove | engleski leksikon

4. grove


Sinonimi: woodlet | orchard

ETYM AS. graf, from grafan to dig. The original sense seems to have been a lane cut through trees. Related to Grave, Groove.
1. A small cultivated wood without undergrowth; SYN. woodlet, orchard.
2. A small growth of trees without underbrush.

Grove | engleski leksikon

5. Grove


City in Oklahoma (USA); zip code 74344.

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