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1. gender


ETYM Old Fren. genre, gendre (with excrescent d.), French genre, from Latin genus, generis, birth, descent, race, kind, gender, from the root of genere, gignere, to beget, in pass., to be born, akin to Eng. kin. Related to Kin, Generate, Genre, Gentle, Genus.
1. A grammatical category in inflected languages governing the agreement between nouns and pronouns and adjectives; in some languages it is quite arbitrary but in Indo-European languages it is usually based on sex or animateness.
2. Biological sexual identity: male, female, asexual, etc.
3. That part of sexual identity that is determined by culture and surroundings; masculine or feminine behaviors.
In grammar, one of the categories into which nouns are divided in many languages, such as masculine, feminine, and neuter (as in Latin, German, and Russian), masculine and feminine (as in French, Italian, and Spanish), or animate and inanimate (as in some Native American languages).

gender | engleski leksikon

2. gender



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