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1. Freeman

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(Lawrence) (1906-1991) US jazz saxophonist. He took part in developing the Chicago style in the 1920s. His playing was soft and elegant, and he worked and recorded with a number of bands, as well as cofounding the World's Greatest Jazz Band in the 1970s.
Freeman was a member of the Austin High School Gang with Jimmy McPartland. The saxophone at that time was not regarded as a solo instrument, but the pioneering work of Coleman Hawkins inspired Freeman to use the tenor sax as a soloist, and his playing in turn was an influence on Lester Young. ‘The Eel’ 1933 was a hit record that featured Freeman. As a member of Benny Goodman’s orchestra 1936–39 he was given insufficient freedom to improvise; he left to form his own Summa cum Laude 1939–40, and then to work with a variety of line-ups. In the 1960s he recorded again with McPartland. He was based in London 1974–84.

freeman | engleski leksikon

2. freeman


Sinonimi: freewoman

ETYM AS. freóman; freófree + mann man.
A person who is not a serf or a slave; SYN. freewoman.
One who enjoys the freedom of a borough. Since the early Middle Ages, a freeman has been allowed to carry out his craft or trade within the jurisdiction of the borough and to participate in municipal government, but since the development of modern local government, such privileges have become largely honorary.
There have generally been four ways of becoming a freeman: by apprenticeship to an existing freeman; by patrimony, or being the son of a freeman; by redemption, that is, buying the privilege; or, by gift from the borough, the usual method today, when the privilege is granted in recognition of some achievement, benefaction, or special status on the part of the recipient.

Freeman | engleski leksikon

3. Freeman


1. City in Missouri (USA); zip code 64746.
2. City in South Dakota (USA); zip code 57029.

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