flicker | engleski leksikon

1. flicker


flicker | engleski leksikon

2. flicker


North American woodpecker.

flicker | engleski leksikon

3. flicker


Rapid, visible fluctuation in a screen image, as on a television or computer monitor. Flicker occurs when the image is refreshed (updated) too infrequently or too slowly for the eye to perceive a steady level of brightness. In television and raster-scan displays, flicker is not noticeable when the refresh rate is 50 to 60 times per second. Interlaced displays, in which the odd-numbered scan lines are refreshed on one sweep and even-numbered lines on the other, achieve a flicker-free effective refresh rate of 50 to 60 times per second because the lines appear to merge, even though each line is actually updated only 25 to 30 times per second.

flicker | engleski leksikon

4. flicker


Sinonimi: flick | waver | flitter | flutter | quiver | flick

1. To flash intermittently; SYN. flick.
2. To move back and forth very rapidly, as of a candle; SYN. waver, flitter, flutter, quiver.
3. To shine unsteadily; SYN. flick.

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