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1. fable


Sinonimi: parable | allegory | apologue

ETYM French, from Latin fabula, from fari to speak, say. Related to Ban, Fabulous, Fame.
A short moral story (often with animal characters); SYN. parable, allegory, apologue.
Story, in either verse or prose, in which animals or inanimate objects are given the mentality and speech of human beings to point out a moral. Fables are common in folklore and children’s literature, and range from the short fables of the ancient Greek writer Aesop to the modern novel Animal Farm by George Orwell.
Fabulists include the Roman Phaedrus, French poet La Fontaine and, in English, Geoffrey Chaucer and Jonathan Swift.

fable | engleski leksikon

2. fable


1. To tell fables
2. To talk or write about as if true

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