dos | engleski leksikon

1. dos

množinasleng, dijalekt

(Informal) Permissable actions.
(Homonym: dues).

DOS | engleski leksikon

2. DOS


1. Acronym for disk operating system. A generic term describing any operating system that is loaded from disk devices when the system is started or rebooted. The term originally differentiated between disk-based systems and primitive microcomputer operating systems that were memory-based or that supported only magnetic or paper tape.
2. See MS-DOS.
(acronym for disc operating system) Computer operating system specifically designed for use with disc storage; also used as an alternate name for a particular operating system, MS-DOS.
An operating system that is on a disk; Also called: disk operating system.

DoS | engleski leksikon

3. DoS



Stands for denial of service, a type of attack that tries to prevent legitimate users from accessing network services.
Acronym for denial of service attack. A computerized assault, usually planned, that seeks to disrupt Web access. A denial of service attack can occur in a number of forms. The most common form of attack is to overwhelm an Internet server with connection requests that cannot be completed. This causes the server to become so busy attempting to respond to the attack that it ignores legitimate requests for connections. One example of this type of attack, known as a SYN flood, inundates the server’s entry ports with false connection messages. Another, known as the Ping of Death, sends a ping command with an oversized IP packet that causes the server to freeze, crash, or restart. Other forms of denial of service attacks include the destruction or alteration of a server’s configuration data, such as router information; unauthorized access to physical components of a system; and the sending of large or invalid data that causes a system to crash or freeze. See also packet, Ping of Death, SYN flood.
See: denial of service (DoS)

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