degradation | engleski leksikon

1. degradation


Sinonimi: debasement

ETYM Late Lat. degradatio, from degradare: cf. French dégradation. Related to Degrade.
The deterioration in quality, level, or standard of performance of a functional unit. 2. In communications, a condition in which one or more of the required performance parameters fall outside predetermined limits, resulting in a lower quality of service.
Changing to a lower state (a less respected state); SYN. debasement.

degradation | engleski leksikon

2. degradation


1. In communications, a deterioration of signal quality, as from line interference.
2. In computer systems, a reduction in level of performance or service. Degradation in microcomputer performance is indicated by slow response times or frequent pauses for disk access because memory is insufficient to hold an entire program plus the data the program is using.

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