crown | engleski leksikon

1. crown


Sinonimi: diadem | peak | summit | capitulum | treetop

ETYM Old Eng. corone, coroun, crune, croun, Old Fren. corone, corune, French couronne, from Latin corona crown, wreath; akin to Greek korone anything curved, crown; cf. also Latin curvus curved. Related to Cornice, Corona, Coroner, Coronet.
Official headdress worn by a king or queen. The modern crown originated with the diadem, an embroidered fillet worn by Eastern rulers, for which a golden band was later substituted. A laurel crown was granted by the Greeks to a victor in the games, and by the Romans to a triumphant general. Crowns came into use among the Byzantine emperors and the European kings after the fall of the Western Empire.
Perhaps the oldest crown in Europe is the Iron Crown of Lombardy, made in 591. The crown of Charlemagne, preserved in Vienna, consists of eight gold plates.
1. The headware worn as a symbol of a monarchy.
2. (Archaic) An English coin worth 5 shillings.
3. An ornamental headdress signifying sovereignty; SYN. diadem.
4. The top, rear portion of the head.
5. The uppermost part of a shape; SYN. peak, summit.
6. The part of a hat covering the crown of the head.
7. A wreath or garland worn on the head to signify victory.
8. The enamel covered part of a tooth above the gum.
9. The upper branches and leaves of a tree; SYN. capitulum, treetop.

crown | engleski leksikon

2. crown


Sinonimi: top | coronate

1. To be the culminating event; SYN. top.
2. To form the topmost part of.
3. To invest with regal power; enthrone; SYN. coronate.
4. To put a crown on.

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