crash | engleski leksikon

1. crash


Highly concentrated or intense
Marked by a concerted effort and effected in the shortest possible time especially to meet emergency conditions

crash | engleski leksikon

2. crash


A serious accident (usually involving one or more vehicles); SYN. wreck, collision, fender-bender.

crash | engleski leksikon

3. crash


Sinonimi: collapse

ETYM Latin crassus coarse. Related to Crass.
A sudden large decline of business or the prices of stocks (especially one that causes additional failures); SYN. collapse.

crash | engleski leksikon

4. crash


Coarse drapery and towelling fabric.

crash | engleski leksikon

5. crash


(Computer science) An event that causes a computer system to become inoperative.
The failure of either a program or a disk drive. A program crash results in the loss of all unsaved data and can leave the operating system unstable enough to require restarting the computer. A disk drive crash, sometimes called a disk crash, leaves the drive inoperable and can cause loss of data. See also abend, head crash.

crash | engleski leksikon

6. crash


1. For a system or program, to fail to function correctly, resulting in the suspension of operation. See also abend.
2. For a magnetic head, to hit a recording medium, with possible damage to one or both.

crash | engleski leksikon

7. crash


Sinonimi: break up | break apart | dash | ram | go down

1. To break violently or noisily; smash; SYN. break up, break apart.
2. To cause to crash.
3. To fall or come down violently.
4. To hurl or thrust violently; SYN. dash.
5. To move violently; as through a barrier.
6. To undergo damage or destruction on impact; SYN. ram.
7. To move with, or as if with, a crashing noise.
8. To occupy, usually uninvited.
9. To stop operating; SYN. go down.

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