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1. Cox

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(1828-1900) Canadian-born US educator and public figure. After service in the US Congress 1876–79, Cox was president of the University of Cincinnati 1885–89. He was elected governor of Ohio 1866 and served as secretary of the interior 1869–70 under President Grant.
Born in Montreal, Canada, Cox was raised in New York, US, and educated at Oberlin College. Serving briefly as superintendent of schools in Warren, Ohio, he studied law and was elected to the state legislature 1859. During the American Civil War 1861–65, Cox was appointed brigadier general of volunteers and saw action in West Virginia and at Antietam.

Cox | engleski leksikon

2. Cox

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(1783-1859) English artist. He studied under John Varley and made a living as a drawing master. His watercolor landscapes, many of scenes in N Wales, show attractive cloud effects, and are characterized by broad color washes on rough, tinted paper.
After a varied experience in painting the lids of snuff-boxes and also scenery for the provincial theater, he had some lessons in watercolor from John Varley, and became a drawing master in London and at Hereford. In later years he painted much in North Wales and his inn sign for the Royal Oak, Bettws-y-Coed, is famous. He is noted for watercolors in which broken touches and atmospheric effect give a distant anticipation of Impressionism. He took to oils late in life, adapting his watercolor technique. A Windy Day (Tate Gallery) well shows his special gift. His treatises on painting are the more conventional recipes of the drawing master.

cox | engleski leksikon

3. cox



COX | engleski leksikon

4. COX


CYCLOOXYGENASE — often used with the number 1 or 2 to indicate one of the two variants of the enzyme.

cox | engleski leksikon

5. cox


To act as the coxswain, in a boat race.

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