corduroy | engleski leksikon

1. corduroy


Sinonimi: log

(Of roads) Made of logs laid down crosswise; SYN. log.

corduroy | engleski leksikon

2. corduroy


ETYM Prob. for French corde du roi king's cord.
1. A sort of cotton velveteen fabric, having the surface raised in ridges.
2. Trousers made of corduroy.
Durable cotton or rayon velvet cut-pile fabric which can have differing widths of ribs or cords. Until the 19th century it was mainly used for the clothing of livery and agricultural workers but later it became a common fabric for breeches and jackets worn in field sports. During the 20th century it became popular in casual fashion garments.

corduroy | engleski leksikon

3. corduroy


To build (a road) from logs laid side by side.

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