copy | engleski leksikon

1. copy


copy | engleski leksikon

2. copy


Sinonimi: written matter

ETYM French copie, from Latin copia abundance, number, Late Lat. also, a transcript; co- + the root of opes riches. Related to Opulent, Copious.
1. An imitation or reproduction of an original.
2. Material suitable for a journalistic account.
3. Matter to be printed; exclusive of graphical materials; SYN. written matter.

copy | engleski leksikon

3. copy


Sinonimi: re-create

1. To copy down as is.
2. To make a copy of; SYN. re-create.

copy | engleski leksikon

4. copy


To duplicate information and reproduce it in another part of a document, in a different file or memory location, or in a different medium. A copy operation can affect data ranging from a single character to large segments of text, a graphics image, or from one to many data files. Text and graphics, for example, can be copied to another part of a document, to the computer’s memory (by means of a temporary storage facility such as the Windows or Macintosh Clipboard), or to a different file. Similarly, files can be copied from one disk or directory to another, and data can be copied from the screen to a printer or to a data file. In most cases, a copy procedure leaves the original information in place. Compare cut and paste, move.

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