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1. contra


In music, a prefix attached to the name of certain instruments denoting a lower pitch (usually an octave below).

contra | engleski leksikon

2. contra


Member of a Central American right-wing guerrilla force attempting to overthrow the democratically elected Nicaraguan Sandinista government 1979–90. The Contras, many of them mercenaries or former members of the deposed dictator Somoza's guard (see Nicaraguan Revolution), operated mainly from bases outside Nicaragua, mostly in Honduras, with covert US funding, as revealed by the Irangate hearings 1986–87.
In 1989 US president Bush announced an agreement with Congress to provide $41 million in “nonlethal” aid to the Contras until Feb 1990. The Sandinista government was defeated by the National Opposition Union, a US-backed coalition, in the Feb 1990 elections. The Contras were disbanded in the same year but, fearing reprisals, a few hundred formed the Re-Contra (officially the 380 Legion) Feb 1991. A peace accord was reached with the government 1994.

contra | engleski leksikon

3. contra


Against, opposite, opposed

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