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1. configuration


Sinonimi: constellation

ETYM Latin configuratio.
An arrangement of parts or elements; SYN. constellation.
General outline or appearance; totality of a computer and the devices connected to it.

configuration | engleski leksikon

2. configuration


In computing, the way in which a system, whether it be hardware and/or software, is set up. A minimum configuration is often referred to for a particular application, and this will usually include a specification of processor, disc and memory size, and peripherals required.
1. In reference to a single microcomputer, the sum of a system’s internal and external components, including memory, disk drives, keyboard, video, and generally less critical add-on hardware, such as a mouse, modem, or printer. Software (the operating system and various device drivers), the user’s choices established through configuration files such as the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files on IBM PCs and compatibles, and sometimes hardware (switches and jumpers) are needed to “configure the configuration” to work correctly. Although system configuration can be changed, as by adding more memory or disk capacity, the basic structure of the system—its architecture—remains the same. See also AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS.
2. In relation to networks, the entire interconnected set of hardware, or the way in which a network is laid out—the manner in which elements are connected.

configuration | engleski leksikon

3. configuration


In chemistry, the arrangement of atoms in a molecule or of electrons in atomic orbitals.

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