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1. clone


A copy; in microcomputer terminology, a look-alike, act-alike computer that contains the same microprocessor and runs the same programs as a better-known, more prestigious, and often more expensive machine.

clone | engleski leksikon

2. clone


Sinonimi: clon

An exact replica. In genetics, any one of a group of genetically identical cells or organisms. An identical twin is a clone; so, too, are bacteria living in the same colony. The term “clone” has also been adopted by computer technology to describe a (nonexistent) device that mimics an actual one to enable certain software programs to run correctly.
A group of genetically identical cells or organisms derived from a single cell or individual by some kind of asexual reproduction; SYN. clon.

clone | engleski leksikon

3. clone


To copy or replicate the entire contents of a hard disk drive, including the operating system, configuration settings, and programs, by creating an image of the hard disk drive. Hard disk drives are often cloned for batch installation on other computers, particularly those on a network, or for use as backups.

clone | engleski leksikon

4. clone


To make a clone of.

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