clip | engleski leksikon

1. clip


Sinonimi: clipping | snip

1. A sharp slanting blow.
2. An article of jewelry that can be clipped onto a hat or dress.
3. Any of various small implements used to hold loose articles together.
4. The act of clipping or snipping; SYN. clipping, snip.

clip | engleski leksikon

2. clip


Sinonimi: curtail | cut short

1. To attach with a clip.
2. To terminate or abbreviate before its intended or proper end or its full extent; SYN. curtail, cut short.

clip | engleski leksikon

3. clip


1. To cut off the portion of a displayed image that lies beyond a certain boundary, such as the edge of a window. Certain graphics programs also support clipping as a means of masking everything but a certain object so that painting tools, for example, can be applied to the object alone.
2. To cut a photograph, drawing, or other illustration from a clip art collection—either in a book or on a disk. See also clip art.
3. To cut off the peaks of a signal in an electronic circuit.

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