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1. Capote

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Pen name of Truman Streckfus Persons (1924-1984)
US novelist, journalist, and playwright. After achieving early success as a writer of sparkling prose in the stories of Other Voices, Other Rooms 1948 and the novel Breakfast at Tiffany’s 1958, Capote’s career flagged until the sensational “nonfiction novel” In Cold Blood 1965 made him a celebrity.
Later works included Music for Chameleons 1980 and the posthumously published Answered Prayers 1986, an unfinished novel of scandalous socialite gossip.

capote | engleski leksikon

2. capote


Sinonimi: hooded cloak | hooded coat

ETYM Spanish capote (cf. French capote.), from Late Lat. capa cape, cloak. Related to Cap.
Lady's long hooded cloak.
1. A long hooded cloak; SYN. hooded cloak.
2. A long hooded overcoat; SYN. hooded coat.

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