capacity | engleski leksikon

1. capacity


(Computer science) The amount of information (in bytes) that can be stored on a disk drive.
The amount of information a computer or an attached device can process or store. See also computer.

capacity | engleski leksikon

2. capacity


Sinonimi: mental ability | content

ETYM Latin capacitus, from capax, capacis; from French capacité. Related to Capacious.
(volume) Alternative term for volume, generally used to refer to the amount of liquid or gas that may be held in a container. Units of capacity include liter and milliliter (metric); pint and gallon (imperial).
1. Ability to perform or produce.
2. The power to learn or retain knowledge; SYN. mental ability.
3. A specified function.
4. The amount that can be contained; SYN. content.
5. The maximum production possible.
This word is used in names of quantities which express the relative amount of some quantity with respect to a another quantity upon which it depends. For example, heat capacity is dU/dT, where U is the internal energy and T is the temperature. Electrical capacity, or capacitance is another example: C = |dQ/dV|, where Q is the magnitude of charge on each capacitor plate and V is the potential diference between the plates.

capacity | engleski leksikon

3. capacity


In economics, the maximum amount that can be produced when all the resources in an economy, industry, or firm are employed as fully as possible. Capacity constraints can be caused by lack of investment and skills shortages, and spare capacity can be caused by lack of demand.

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