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1. bush


1. Having a low-growing compact bushy habit — used especially of cultivated beans
2. Serving, occurring in, or used in the bush
3. Falling below acceptable standards; unproffesional

Bush | engleski leksikon

2. Bush

muški rodlično ime

(1890-1974) US electrical engineer and scientist who in the 1920s and 1930s developed several mechanical and mechanical-electrical analog computers which were highly effective in the solution of differential equations. The standard electricity meter is based on one of his designs.
Bush was born in Everett, Massachusetts, and studied at Tufts College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). From 1932 he held senior positions at MIT. During World War I he worked on a magnetic device for detecting submarines. During World War II, as scientific adviser to President Franklin D Roosevelt, Bush was one of the initiators of the atomic-bomb project. After the war he took part in the setting-up and running of the Office of Scientific Research and Development and its successor, the Research and Development Board.
In about 1925 Bush began to construct what he called the product integraph. It contained a linkage to form the product of two algebraic functions and represent it mechanically. He also devised a watt-hour meter, a direct ancestor of the electricity meter, which integrated the product of electric current and voltage. By similarly using current and voltage to represent equations, his machine was able to evaluate integrals involved in the solution of differential equations.
The product integraph was limited to the solution of first-order differential equations. To build a device capable of the solution of second-order equations, Bush coupled one of the watt-hour meters to a mechanical device known as a Kelvin integrator.
In 1931 Bush began work on an almost totally mechanical machine known as the differential analyzer. This had six integrators, three input tables, and an output table, which showed the graphical solution of an equation. The Bush analyzer was the model for developments in the mechanical world, and many similar machines were built.
Bush built several analyzers designed to solve specific problems, and another large analyzer, which had many of the operations electrified and a tape input that reduced the time taken for setting up a problem from days to minutes.

Bush | engleski leksikon

3. Bush

muški rodlično ime

Vice President under Reagan and 41st President of the United States (1924- ). 41st president of the US 1989–93. A Republican, he was director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) 1976–81 and US vice president 1981–89. In 1989, as president, he visited Eastern European countries undergoing reform, held a summit meeting at Malta with Soviet president Gorbachev, and sent US troops to Panama to oust that country's drug-trafficking president, Manuel Noriega. Bush led the UN coalition and sent US forces to Saudi Arabia to prepare for a military strike after Iraq annexed Kuwait 1990. In Jan 1991, he led the coalition war against Iraq that forced Saddam Hussein to remove his troops from Kuwait. He was instrumental in convincing Israel and several of its traditional Arab enemies to convene for a historic face-to-face meeting in Spain in Nov 1991. Domestic economic problems in 1991–92 were followed by his defeat in the 1992 presidential elections by Democrat Bill Clinton.
Born in Milton, Massachusetts, Bush grew up in Connecticut, where his father, Prescott Bush, was a US senator. He graduated from Yale University 1948 and moved to Texas to build up an oil-drilling company. A congressman 1967–70, he was appointed US ambassador to the United Nations 1971–73 and Republican national chairman 1973–74 by President Nixon. During the Ford administration, Bush was a special envoy to China 1974–75. As vice president during Ronald Reagan's administration he traveled widely and was responsible for overseeing government reform and programs to combat drug smuggling.

Bush | engleski leksikon

4. Bush

muški rodlično ime

(Dudley) (1900-) English composer. A student of the composer John Ireland, he later adopted a didactic simplicity in his compositions in line with his Marxist beliefs. He has written a large number of works for orchestra, voice, and chamber groups.

bush | engleski leksikon

5. bush


A large wilderness area.

Bush | engleski leksikon

6. Bush


Village in Illinois (USA).

bush | engleski leksikon

7. bush


Bush-buck,small African spiral-horned antelope.

bush | engleski leksikon

8. bush


To provide with a bushing.

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